Let Us Bling Together

When not working at RSTO Ltd, I spend a lot of time these days in front of a cooker or a computer, and not nearly enough in front of a book or a nice game. It’s hard to find either that strikes that fine balance between being worthy and being interesting.

Darksiders was on an irresistible offer on PSN. It ticks a lot of my “interesting” boxes: Ridiculous sci-fi/fantasy melodrama; OTT art design which borders on objectionable; slick (if overcomplicated) controls. If it weren’t so buggy it would be almost perfect. However, it doesn’t get anywhere near being worthy.

Worthy is: Ico. Journey. Limbo. NES Super Mario. Portal. Dark Souls.

Some games are too worthy, and not interesting. Their balance is off. Shadow of the Colossus.

Darksiders is: Pulpy. Buggy. Flabby.

It’s a high-quality trashy novel. It’s A Game of Thrones. It’s fun, but ultimately I don’t feel like I’m progressing as a human being when I indulge in it. I’m not seeing something new. That’s fine. But I feel time moving on and I don’t want to sit still if I’m not going somewhere when I do.

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